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Senior Rattlers Still in search of coaching staff

Heading into their 9th season of the TOSLL, the Kamloops Senior Rattlers are still looking for some coaching help. After thier 3rd season in the league thier coach John Aldred decided to hang it up. John started with the team in there first year back into the only senior mens lacrosse league in the BC interior, along with his son Mike. After the Rattlers won the league title in thier 2nd season, Mike decided that would be his last season with the team. John commited to helping out into the 3rd season until they could find a replacement, but by the end of the season with no replacement in sight John also decided to part ways with the team. The Rattlers have been in search of a new head coach ever since. If you or anyone you know might be interested in joining the coaching staff of the Kamloops Senior Rattlers please contact us either by social media or via e-mail.

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